Common Embroidery StitchesCommon Stitches recommended by DHA Designs

Chain Stitch
1. Bring needle up to A
2. Make a loop and go down next to A, catching the loop as you come up at B. Draw thread through, making first chain stitch.
3. Make a loop again, insert needle next to hole (inside the first loop), and come up again. Note: When filling a shape by working rows of chain stitch, always work in the same direction.

Satin Stitch
Up at A and down at B. Back up at C. Repeat making sure stitches stay evenly side by side.

Seeding Stitch
Up at A and down at B. Scatter them in any direction.

Couching Stitch
Up at A and down at B. Come up really close to line of thread at C, and secure down at D. From a distance this looks like a very smooth line—excellent for all branches and outlines!

Fishbone Stitch
Come up at A and down at B about 1/4” below. Back up at C and down at D. Looping thread under needle, come up at B in same hole. Make a good stitch down the center and come up on the left edge. Repeat.

Buttonhole (or Blanket) Stitch
Up at A and down at B. Come back up at C, looping thread under needle. Keep needle vertical.

French Knots
Come up at A and twist 2 times around needle. Return needle as close as possible next to the hole. Draw thread tight and push needle through. You may twist 3 times for a more dramatic knot.

Straight Stitch
Up at A and down at B.

Stem Stitch
1. Up at A, down at B, and up at C. Keep thread below needle
2. Go down at D and up at B (in the same hole).
3. Repeat step 2. Always keep thread below needle.

Basic Laidwork with Crossbars
1. Lay a groundwork of criss crossing long stitches horizontal then vertical.
2. Secure at each cross a contrasting color. Creates a nice airy filling for inside a flower, leaf or mountain side.