An eclectic array of books for inspiration

Through out the years I’ve collected a wide array of books on embroidery, patterns and design. Check them out and see if they inspire you!

  1. Native Funk and Flash by Alexandra JacopettiNative Funk and Flash by Alexandra Jacopetti
    My all time favorite from the 1970’s! I checked this book out at my hometown library when I was a kid and ended up paying for it cause I hid it and never checked it back in!!!
  2. The Victoria+Albert Museum’s Textile Collection, Embroidery in Britain from 1200 to 1750 (You may have to search embroidery in Britain from 1200–1750) Amazing book, totally inspiring!
  3. English Embroiderys by Mary Brooks
    (Search English embroidery16th and 17th century Ashmolean Handbooks.) Beautiful pictures and history in a small book.
  4. Creating Body Coverings by Jean Ray Laury and Joyce Aiken
    Another book from the 1970’s with wild stories and pictures.
  5. American Denim, A New Folk Art Another 1970’s classic.
  6. The Embroiderer’s Flowers by Thomasina Beck
    Beautiful classic pictures and illustrations with historical text. A must have for your collection.
  7. Kaffe Fassett’s Glorious Inspirations for Needlepoint and Knitting
    Not an embroidery book but Inspirational ideas for your next project!
  8. 1000 Patterns: Design through the centuries Editor Drusilla Cole
    Very cool compendium of patterns from across the globe and through the centuries.
  9. Handbook of American Crewel Embroidery by Muriel Baker
    Nice history and text with helpful stitch guides.
  10. Heritage Embroidery by Elsa S. Williams
    Again nice classic design and helpful stitches.
  11. Erica Wilson’s Embroidery Book
    Now we need to talk about my Guru and just about everybody’s teacher in the art of handwork during the hay day of needlework. That would be the glorious and talented Erica Wilson. She had a show on PBS back in the 1970’s and designed terrific embroidery kits and this is how I learned to embroider. I would save up my money from odd jobs and baby sitting to buy these kits so needless to say she was a huge inspiration in my life. She wrote many books but this is a classic. This book is an "everything you want to know about embroidery” encyclopedia and a must have for your collection!

So, enjoy and check them out and I hope you get as inspired and excited as I have. I think we can start a revolution of sorts and bring back the joy of color and patterns from the simplest sampler, embellished cotton blouse to those favorite pair of jeans. Stay tuned for more kits and transfers from JHA Designs.

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