About Jennifer Alba

Fun Embroidery Kits! If you’re looking for a cross between crewel work flavor and primitive but bright, fun embroidery kits, you’ll enjoy Jennifer Alba’s new website, JHA Designs. Jennifer’s approach is a combination of fun and funky, traditional and contemporary, primitive but classic—it’s kind of hard to explain. You’ll just have to visit her website to see what I mean. Jennifer offers a few embroidery kits right now in a variety of pricing options, suitable for beginners and beyond. And I’m sure her inventory will be growing. It’s always great to see embroiderers take the plunge and face the exciting, but sometimes scary, prospect of setting up shop, so I’m glad to see Jennifer online, and I wish her the best of luck.
~Mary Corbet, Needle 'n Thread Jen's work

Jen Alba made me love embroidery again! I’ve done all kinds of needlework over the years, but forgot how relaxing and satisfying it can be. Jen was a fabulous instructor. Hands on, patient, incredibly talented. Her kits and instructions were easy to follow and fully complete. Her colors, inspired. Even someone like me, who has done some embroidery in the past, can learn something new! Thanks to Jen, I’ve FINALLY mastered the elusive French Knot!!! Jen’s designs are gorgeous. A brilliant combination of Jacobean and Bohemian, her artwork is a stunning example of a lifetime’s love of this medium. And now she is sharing that love. If you have the opportunity, I would strongly urge you to take one of her classes. Embroidery is new again! ~Lisa A. Olech

I took Jen’s class when I just moved to town and didn't know anyone. I had a desire to connect with others and remember what I'd been taught in Girl Scouts in the 60's—the ancient, creative skill of embroidery. Jen was an awesome teacher! Personable, friendly and laid back. It was a challenge for us beginners to do what Jen did so effortlessly—because she's been mastering it for a long time but she was patient and gave each of us the attention and encouragement we needed. It was rewarding to progress and create a finished design. I had a lot of fun, met other nice folks and brought home a piece I was proud of. ~MP Beach

I have been an absolute fan of Jen Alba's artistry and I am lucky to own three beautiful pieces. They are over a decade old and still are gorgeous. ~Judy K

Love your work Jen! We had such fun here at the shop and your class was fantastic!” ~Michelle from North Country Quilting, Plymouth NH

Absolutely love your beautiful talent! Very intricate detail. ~M. Teresa


Hand embroidered falcon by JHA Designs